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Sunday, August 28, 2011

UNN Post UTME Results 2011-2012 Out

The University Of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) has published the results of the 2011/2012 post UTME test examination. Candidates who participated in the UNN post utme screening exercise have been advidsed to go to the University website to know their results.
Just click the link above. You can check the result with
- JAMB Registration Number or
- with parts or all of your NAME

UNILAG`s 2011/2012 Foundation (Diploma II) exam result is out.

The University of Lagos UNILAG`s 2011/2012 Foundation (Diploma II) exam result is out. Here is the subject wise Cut-Off mark or score list:


1 Accounting 111
2 Actuarial Science 75
3 Adult Education 75
4 Architecture 107
5 Finance 82
6 Biochemistry 94
7 Biomedical Sciences(BEDFORDSHIRE) 75
8 Botany 75
9 Building 87
10 Business Administration 100
11 Cell Biology & Genetics 75
12 Chemical Engineering 112
13 Chemistry 75
14 Civil Engineering 96
15 Computer Engineering 115
16 Computer Science 97
17 Dentistry 106
18 Dentistry 106
19 Economics 107
20 Education Geography 75
21 Education Chemistry 75
22 Education English 75
23 Education Yoruba 75
24 Education Igbo 75
23 Education Physics 75
24 Guidance & Counselling 75
25 Education Mathematics 75
26 Educational Admin. 75
27 Education Biology 75
28 Elect./Elect. Engineering 113
29 English 75
30 Estate Management 96
31 European Language 75
32 Geography 82
33 Geology 105
34 Geophysics 84
35 Mass Communication 113
36 History 75
37 Human Kinetics & H/Educ. 75
38 African & Asian Studies 75
39 IRPM 100
40 Insurance 75
41 Law 117
42 Marine Biology 75
43 Met & Mat Engineering 75
44 Mechanical Engineering 111
45 Medicine 137
46 Mathematics 75
47 Microbiology 91
48 Philosophy 75
49 Physics 75
50 Physiology 75
51 Physiotherapy 86
52 Political Science 98
53 Psychology 85
54 Quantity Surveying 77
55 Sociology 88
56 Surveying & Geoinformatics 75
57 Petroleum & Gas 108
58 Pharmacology 75
59 Pharmacy 121
60 Systems Engineering 96
61 Urban & Regional Plan. 82
62 Zoology 75
63 Fisheries 75
64 Theatre Arts 75
65 Visual Arts 75
66 Music 75

ANSU 1st list result out, 2nd list form on sale

Anambra State University ANSU releases post utme result for first choice. To get result please visit official site: All those who have particpated in 2011/2012 post ume sceening are requested to know their result. You have to enter JAMB registration number.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

FUT MINNA PUTME RESULTS of FIrst Choice Candidates OUT

FUT MINNA RELEASES 2011/2012 Post UTME RESULTS First Choice Candidates Only. The results of second choice UTME and all Direct Entry candidates are still pending.
How to check:
1. Purchase the 2011/2012 F.U.T Minna P-UTME Result Verification card ;
2. Go to official site:
3. enter JAMB Registration Number, Serial No and Pin No
4. click the Submit Query button.
Note : you should Call 08091806509 for problem with the card.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UNN post ume minimum cut off marks

The following Cutt-off marks were used by the Universiyty of Nigeria, Nsukka to admit prospective students into the University in the previous years.
NOTE: This does not mean same cutt-off mark will be used this year. Rather, it will only serve as a guide to candidates who will want to go for the supplementary/ shoping form in knowing the departments with relative high or low cutt-off thereby enabling them make a decisions as to which courses to go for given the candidates' average scores
Merit Locality Elds
Agric Econnomics 53 Abia 49.34 Ebonyi 49.29
Anambra 51.29
Delta 46.46
Enugu 51.38
Imo 45.5
Merit Locality Elds
Agric Extension 48.13 nil nil nil nil
Animal Science 45.5 nil nil nil nil
Crop Science 49.17 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Food Sc. & Tech 52.21 Abia 48.75 Cross River48.17
Anambra 50.17 Kogi 47.5
Delta 51.96
Enugu 51.17
Imo 51.21
Merit Locality Elds
Home Sc. & Nut 50.84 Abia 48.13 nil nil
Anambra 48.92
Delta 46.21
Enugu 49.5
Merit Locality Elds
Soil Science 48.38 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Archaeology 54.59 Abia 46 Ebonyi 46.59
Anambra 52.13
Delta 49.21
Enugu 53.71
Imo 50
Merit Locality Elds
Combined Arts 54.79 Abia 53.71 Ebonyi 54.34
Anambra 52.75 Rivers 45.84
Delta 50.84
Enugu 52.63
Imo 54.25
Merit Locality Elds
English & Lit Studies 63.79 Abia 60.67 Ebonyi 60.21
Akwa Ibom58.38 Kogi 49.34
Anambra 62.75 Rivers 49.88
Delta 61.63
Edo 55.09
Enugu 61.92
Imo 61.75
Merit Locality Elds
Fine & Applied Arts 59.59 Abia 52.59 Benue 54.96
Anambra 57.21 Ebonyi 53.46
Delta 52.63 Kwara 59.5
Enugu 55.71 Rivers 47.59
Imo 56.13
Merit Locality Elds
Foreign Languages 58.63 Abia 58.46 Ebonyi 50
Anambra 58.13
Delta 52.71
Enugu 58.59
Imo 58.42
Merit Locality Elds
History & Intern. Studies 57.04 Abia 50.88 Bayelsa 52.84
Anambra 55.38 Benue 51.75
Delta 48.46 Ebonyi 53.46
Enugu 54.63
Imo 56.42
Merit Locality Elds
Linguistics & Nig. Lang 54.04 Abia 50.92 Ebonyi 51.29
Anambra 52.5
Delta 47.04
Enugu 52.09
Imo 52.29
Merit Locality Elds
Mass Communication 65 Abia 64.25 Bayelsa 52.29
43.17 Akwa Ibom60.5 Benue 61.63
57.75 Anambra 63.17 Cross river 60.42
Delta 58.46 Ebonyi 62.84
Edo 54 Kaduna 53.21
Enugu 64.04 Kogi 63.21
Imo 64.21 Rivers 63.96
Merit Locality Elds
Music 43.17 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Theatre Arts 57.75 Abia 57.34 Ebonyi 52.38
Akwa Ibom52.17 Rivers 45.38
Anambra 54.84
Delta 52.46
Edo 49.21
Enugu 57.34
Imo 57.71
Merit Locality Elds
Combined Biol. Sciences 45.5 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Biochemistry 57.34 Abia 53.88 Bayelsa 55.59
Akwa Ibom52.38 Benue 46.34
Anambra 55.29 Ebonyi 52.09
Delta 46.59 Kogi 48.59
Edo 49.54 Rivers 50.42
Enugu 56.42
Imo 54
Merit Locality Elds
Botany 45.25 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Microbiology 53.21 Abia 46.84 Ebonyi 45.25
Akwa Ibom52.34 Kogi 48.13
Anambra 51.09 Niger 51.21
Delta 46.21 Rivers 53.09
Enugu 51.25
Imo 52
Merit Locality Elds
Zoology 46.75 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Accountancy 60.04 Abia 56.88 Bayelsa 47.04
Akwa Ibom50.34 Benue 52.84
Anambra 58.79 Ebonyi 57.5
Delta 57.5 Cross River50.92
Edo 46.63 Kogi 57.63
Enugu 59.21 Kwara 49.17
Imo 58.54 Rivers 56.04
Taraba 50.34
Nasarawa 58.38
Merit Locality Elds
Banking & Finance 57.34 Abia 54.09 Bayelsa 49.09
Akwa Ibom48.34 Benue 51.09
Anambra 56.38 Ebonyi 54.09
Delta 50.09 Kogi 45.63
Edo 49.13 Rivers 52.04
Enugu 56.29
Imo 56.71
Merit Locality Elds
Management 55.92 Abia 53.29 Cross River47.13
Akwa Ibom47.21 Ebonyi 52.38
Anambra 55.21 Kano
Delta 53.04 Rivers 49.34
Edo 54.5
Enugu 55.46
Imo 52.88
Merit Locality Elds
Marketing 54.46 Abia 52.92 Bayelsa 49.09
Akwa Ibom49.13 Benue 53.09
Anambra 52.25 Cross river 47.59
Delta 49.92 Ebonyi 49.75
Edo 47.92 Rivers 50.59
Enugu 53.42
Imo 53.42
Dentistry Merit Locality Elds
63.59 Abia 62.79 Ebonyi 56.38
Akwa Ibom46.59 Cross River49.96
Anambra 63
Delta 59.96
Enugu 62.84
Imo 90.96
Merit Locality Elds
Adult Education 46 nil nil nil nil
Vocational Teacher Edu. Merit Locality Elds
Agric Education 46.38 nil nil nil nil
Computer Education 45 nil nil nil nil
Industrial Tech. Education 47.13 nil nil nil nil
Home Economics 49.13 nil nil nil nil
Business Education 46.38 Enugu 46.75 Ebonyi 46.63
Imo 46.63
Arts Education Merit Locality Elds
Ed. English 63.46 Abia 60.54 Cross River50.09
Akwa Ibom52.21 Ebonyi 52.46
Anambra 62.17
Delta 58.96
Enugu 62.46
Imo 61.63
Ed. French 62.17 nil nil nil nil
Ed. Fine & Applied Arts 48 nil nil nil nil
Ed. History 54.34 nil nil nil nil
Ed. Igbo 53 Abia 48.88 nil nil
Anambra 48.59
Enugu 49.79
Science Education Merit Locality Elds
Ed. Biology 50.71 Anambra 50 nil nil
Enugu 47.54
Imo 45
Ed. Chemistry 49.25 Abia 46.63 nil nil
Anambra 49.04
Ed. Maths 50.25 Enugu 49.84 Ebonyi 47.84
Ed. Physics 51.17 Enugu 47.21 Ebonyi 48.84
Ed. Science 53.75 Anambra 47.42 Kogi 49.71
Ed. Intergrated Science 48.38 nil nil nil nil
Social Science Education Merit Locality Elds
Ed. Economics 52.59 Abia 50.67 Rivers 50.71
Anambra 49.13
Delta 48.34
Edo 50.96
Enugu 50.92
Imo 52.34
Merit Locality Elds
Ed. Geography 45.96 nil nil nil nil
Ed. Political Science 58.63 Akwa Ibom52.96 Ebonyi 45.5
Anambra 52.46 Kogi 53
Delta 57.09
Enugu 56.67
Imo 57.04
Merit Locality Elds
Ed. Religion 47.34 nil nil nil nil
Ed. Social Studies 51.13 Abia 49.63 Benue 49
Anambra 47.29
Merit Locality Elds
Physical Education 47.63 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Library Science 53.42 Abia 49.59 nil
Anambra 52.67
Delta 48.13
Enugu 54
Imo 50.13
Merit Locality Elds
Health Education 55.29 Abia 46.92 Kogi 46.59
Anambra 48.96 Plateau 49.84
Enugu 56.04
Merit Locality Elds
Guidance & Counselling 55.21 Abia 49.75 nil nil
Anambra 53
Delta 47.29
Enugu 52.88
Imo 51.96
Merit Locality Elds
Agric & Bioresources Engr 47.75 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Civil Engr 54.34 Abia 50.88 Ebonyi 46.79
Anambra 51.21
Delta 47.96
Enugu 53.59
Imo 51.13
Merit Locality Elds
Electrical Engr 56.88 Abia 51.09 Bayelsa 50.09
Akwa Ibom47.13 Benue 47.21
Anambra 56.59 Cross River52.25
Delta 49.25 Ebonyi 46.67
Edo 45
Enugu 56.38
Imo 55.46
Merit Locality Elds
Electronic Engr 55.5 Abia 48.42 Bayelsa nil
Akwa Ibom46.46 Cross River51.25
Anambra 53.59 Ebonyi 47.5
Delta 47.75 Rivers 53
Edo 48.09 Kogi 49.54
Enugu 54.71
Imo 52.96
Merit Locality Elds
Mechanical Engr. 55.71 Abia 52.71 Cross River47.17
Akwa Ibom46.96 Ebonyi 49.34
Anambra 53.71 Rivers 55.13
Delta 48.63
Edo 54.67
Enugu 55.21
Imo 53.38
Merit Locality Elds
Architecture 57.46 Abia 55.42 Bayelsa 46.75
Akwa Ibom52.84 Cross River49.5
Anambra 56.25 Ebonyi 52.46
Delta 54.88 Kogi 52.29
Edo 50.25
Enugu 56
Imo 56.59
Merit Locality Elds
Estate Management 47.75 Abia 46.59 Ebonyi 47.63
Enugu 47.25
Imo 47.63
Merit Locality Elds
Surveying & Geoinformatics 50 Abia 48.96 nil nil
Enugu 47.84
Merit Locality Elds
Urban & Regional Planing 48.04 Anambra 46.71 nil nil
Enugu 46.79
Imo 47
Merit Locality Elds
Medical Lab. Science 62.04 Abia 59.13 Bayelsa 46.71
Akwa Ibom50.67 Benue 46.09
Anambra 61.29 Cross River56.25
Delta 49.65 Ebonyi 57.17
Edo 51.04 Kogi 51.04
Enugu 61.71 Rivers 53.34
Imo 60.09
Merit Locality Elds
Medical Rehablitation 62.04 Abia 54.96 Benue 49.54
Anambra 60.04 Ebonyi 53.17
Delta 46.5 Kogi 51.88
Edo 54 Rivers 57.09
Enugu 61.13
Imo 56.04
Merit Locality Elds
Nursing Science 63.17 Abia 60.75 Bayelsa 49.67
Anambra 61.63 Benue 48.42
Delta 54.29 Cross River55.54
Edo 50.88 Ebonyi 57.79
Enugu 62.42 Kogi 56.75
Imo 60.46 Rivers 50.54
Merit Locality Elds
Radiography 61.29 Abia 56.42 Bayelsa 50.5
Akwa Ibom53.09 Benue 45.88
Anambra 60.29 Cross River45.88
Delta 52.17 Ebonyi 60.29
Edo 47.5 Kogi 55.63
Enugu 60.92 Rivers 56.46
Imo 59.13
Law Merit Locality Elds
67.84 Abia 65.59 Bayelsa 54.46
Akwa Ibom57.17 Benue 56.21
Anambra 66.67 Cross River56.09
Delta 60.88 Ebonyi 66.5
Edo 56.5 Kaduna 57.63
Enugu 67.17 Kogi 50.04
Imo 66.21 Rivers 65
Merit Locality Elds
Medicine & Surgery 71.63 Abia 68.92 Adamawa 57.5
Akwa Ibom61.54 Bayelsa 61.17
Anambra 70.21 Benue 65.34
Delta 64.92 Cross River64.21
Edo 54 Ebonyi 70.92
Enugu 70.75 Kaduna 57.75
Imo 70.63 Kogi 59.13
Nasarawa 61.29
Rivers 67.46
Zamfara 57.54
Sokoto 59.13
Merit Locality Elds
Pharmacy 66.38 Abia 60.67 Benue 52.21
Akwa Ibom52.46 Cross River51.21
Anambra 65.71 Ebonyi 63.79
Delta 57.75 Niger 51.67
Edo 50.54 Rivers 51.46
Enugu 65.38 Kogi 54.59
Imo 64.38
Merit Locality Elds
Combined Physical Sciences45.84 nil nil nil nil
Physics & Astronomy 45 nil nil nil nil
Statistics 46.67 nil nil nil nil
Merit Locality Elds
Computer Science 56.25 Abia 54.25 Benue 54.21
Akwa Ibom52.46 Cross River47.42
Anambra 54.25 Ebonyi 49
Delta 51.96 Rivers 52
Edo 51.63
Imo 53.88
Merit Locality Elds
Geology 59.59 Abia 58.54 Benue 51.88
Akwa Ibom51.79 Cross River49.17
Anambra 57.96 Ebonyi 53.79
Delta 50.63
Imo 57.29
Merit Locality Elds
Mathematics 50.13 Abia 45.38 Ebonyi 48.25
Anambra 49
Enugu 45.38
Merit Locality Elds
Pure & Industrial Chemistry 52.79 Abia 48.54 Ebonyi 46.21
Anambra 51.38
Enugu 51.59
Imo 50.75
Merit Locality Elds
Combined Social Sciences 54.04 Abia 46.34 Benue 50.13
Anambra 50.13 Ebonyi 48.96
Enugu 52.17 Rivers 45.38
Imo 46.75
Merit Locality Elds
Economics 62.75 Abia 60.13 Bayelsa 55.09
Akwa Ibom53.75 Benue 49.25
Anambra 61.71 Cross River49.25
Edo 53.63 Ebonyi 59.29
Enugu 62.04 Gombe 61.46
Imo 60.79 Kaduna 52.96
Kogi 51.42
Rivers 56.92
Geography Merit Locality Elds
56.79 Akwa Ibom55.38 nil nil
Anambra 49.42
Enugu 51.96
Imo 52.25
Merit Locality Elds
Philosophy 58.71 Abia 47.63 Bayelsa 45.5
Anambra 56.13 Benue 47.71
Delta 57.25 Cross River52.21
Edo 54.84 Ebonyi 48.04
Enugu 57.5
Imo 55.21
Merit Locality Elds
Political Science 63.42 Abia 58.88 Bayelsa 58.92
Akwa Ibom53.38 Benue 57.38
Anambra 62.17 Cross River53.63
Delta 55.92 Ebonyi 61.17
Edo 49.54 Kogi 53.79
Enugu 62.67 Rivers 51.92
Imo 61.09
Merit Locality Elds
Psychology 55.34 Abia 49.84 Ebonyi 47.25
Anambra 51.25 Cross river 48
Enugu 54
Imo 50.5
Merit Locality Elds
Public Administration 59.96 Abia 57.88 Bayelsa 51.75
Akwa Ibom52.71 Benue 50.5
Anambra 59.13 Cross River52
Delta 55.17 Ebonyi 58.84
Edo 51.04 Kogi 49.42
Enugu 59.63 Rivers 57.09
Imo 57.04
Merit Locality Elds
Religion 49.67 Anambra 46 nil nil
Delta 45.63
Enugu 48.46
Merit Locality Elds
Social Work 54.75 Abia 54.17 nil nil
Anambra 46.88
Delta 48.79
Enugu 53.63
Imo 54.17
Merit Locality Elds
Sociology & Anthropology 58.21 Abia 55.42 Bayelsa 53.04
Anambra 57.59 Benue 53.17
Delta 51.59 Cross River48
Edo 50.92 Ebonyi 49.71
Enugu 57.17 Kogi 58.09
Imo 55.84
Merit Locality Elds
Veterinary Medicine 45.13 nil nil nil nil
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Monday, August 22, 2011

UNIOYO post ume screening Aug 23 to Aug 27

University of Uyo(UNIOYO) 2011/2012 post ume screening exam schedule:

Faculty of Basic, Medical Sciences, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry
Slot 1
8.00 am

Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Medicine (MBBS).

Faculty of Agriculture Crop Science, Agric. Economics & Extension, Animal Science, Forestry & Wildlife, Fisheries &Aquaculture, Food Science & Technology, Soil Science, Home Economics.
Slot 2.
12 noon.

4. Faculty of Pharmacy

5. Faculty of Science:
Statistics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Microbiology, Mathematics, Botany & Ecological Studies.

6. Faculty of Environmental Studies Architecture, Building, Estate Management,
Quantity Surveying, Fine & Industrial Arts, Urban & Regional Planning, Geoinformatics & Surveying.

7. Faculty of Engineering
Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Food Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering.
Slot 1
8.00 am

Faculty of Engineering
Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering.
Slot 2
12 noon

8. Faculty of Arts
Linguistics, Communication
Arts, History & Intl. Studies, French, Religious & Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Music,
Theatre Arts, Efik/Ibibio,
Slot 1
8.00 am

9. Faculty of Law
Slot 2
12 noon

10. Faculty of Business
Administration I
Accounting, Banking and
Finance, Actuarial Science
Slot 1
8.00 am
Faculty of Business
Administration II
Insurance, Marketing,
Business Management.
Slot 2
12 noon

Faculty of Education
Accounting Ed., Library
Science, Efik/Ibibio Ed.,
French Ed., Agriculture Ed.,
Religion Ed., Chemistry Ed.,
English Ed., Mathematics
Ed., Home Economics Ed.,
Pre-primary & Primary Ed.,
Geography Ed., Political
Science Ed., Econs Ed.,
Physics Ed., Fine Arts Ed.,
Special Ed., Physical Ed.,
Social Studies Ed.,
Integrated Science Ed.,
Biology Ed., Health Ed.,
Guidance and Counseling,
History Ed., Technical
Education (Auto/Metal
Technology, Elect./Elec.
Technology, Wood/Building
Slot 1
8.00 am
Faculty of Social
Sciences I
Economics, Geography &
Regional Planning
Faculty of Social
Sciences II
Sociology & Anthropology,
Political Science and Public
Administration, Psychology.
Slot 2
12 noon

Federal Polytechnic, Ede post ume 1 to 3 September

EDE BREAKING NEWS™ : Change of Post UTME Examination Date

The Post UTME Examination schedule of The Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun state, Nigeria has been changed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September. The Registration for Post UTME also has been rescheduled and will complete by 29th August.

How to Register

Pay One Thousand Naira (=N=1,000) into any branch of Skye Bank Plc, Wema Bank Plc and First Bank Plc accounts as mentioned here:
Account Name: Poly Ede Post UTME Fee
Bank Name: Skye Bank Plc
Account No: 1790098182
Account Name: Poly Ede Post UTME Fee
Account Name: Poly Ede Post UTME Fee
Bank Name: Wema Bank Plc
Account No: 1771192655714
Receive the printed acknowledgement/payment slip from bank.
Using the information of the slip login to
Click on the Admission menu option on the Registration menu item
Enter your pin number and form number as like as on the acknowledgement slip, and follow directions as has been given to finish registration


The website will be closed by 12noon on Monday, 22nd August, 2011
Screening starts at 9.00am each day

DAY 1 (01-09-2011)

Departments : Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Office Technology & Management/ Secretarial Studies, Library and Information Science

DAY 2 (02-09-2011): Departments

Computer Science, Tourism Management, Nutrition & Dietetics/Food Technology, Hospitality Management, Science Laboratory Technology, Statistics

DAY 3 (03-09-2011): Departments

Architectural Technology,Building Technology,Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical / Electronics , Quantity Surveying, Estate Management, Surveying and Geo-Informatics

UNN result is out. Know how to check

Students may be shocked, but this is true. Again you will require a fresh result checking scratch card to access the UNN Post UME Result.
To know the result, you need your JAMB registration number and the fresh result checking ACCESS CODE.

To check your result now, just click here :
When page loaded, enter your JAMB registration number in the spaces given, then enter your access code into the box specified.
Select UME or DE and click on the "Login" box. We expect you will smile at last.

All the best
exam-schedule site

FUTO 2010/2011 Post-UME Exam Result is OUT

The Federal University of Technology result for the 2010/2011 Post-UME Examination is out. Candidates will have to pay N1,000 to check results. There are three steps you have to follow carefully.

1. Go to the bank, Make payment of N1,000. Make sure your JAMB Registration number as your Depositor's Name. Do not mistake! Because this is the only way to trace your payment.

Only Approved Banks
FUTO Microfinance Bank
Account Name: FUTO POST-UME
Account Number: 1447
Write down the above account details now.

2. Wait about 48 hours (2 days) for the payment to be active.

3. When you're back from the bank, Come back to this website.

1. Click on this link:
2. When the new page loads, click on "Post UTME Screening Result for 2010/2011 Academic Session"
3. Click on "login"
4. Use your "JAMB registration number" as username and "futo" as password
5. Enter your Jamb Registration Number and click view
7. You should either print your result or send it via email
8. Click log out after you are done
9. You can always come back to check the same result for free up to 10 times by simply log into the site with your username and password.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Uniport 2011/2012 Post-UMTE Time-Table-Date

University of Port Harcourt : who has 1st and/or 2nd choice in (UTME) with a score of 200 and above for Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering (except Civil & Environmental Engineering), Management Sciences, Medicine, Nursing and Social Sciences; 180 and above for others.
Uniport 2011/2012 Post-UMTE Time Table/Date
Day/Date of Exercise Time Faculties/Disciplines
Monday, 5th September , 2011 7:00am Humanities
Tuesday, 6th September, 2011 7:00am Social Sciences/Education
Wednesday, 7th September, 2011 7:00am Medicine/Nursing/Anatomy/Physiology
Thursday, 8th September, 2011 7:00am Science/Pharmacy/Dentistry/Agriculture
Friday, 9th September, 2011 7:00am Management Sciences
Saturday, 10th September, 2011 7:00am Engineering
17th August – 31st August, 2011 - Registration Period

* First Choice Candidates: Input UTME Registration Number and confirm preloaded UTME details. Second Choice candidates should enter personal and UTME details.
* Print slip for payment.
* Proceed to any of the Bank Branches listed on the Registration Procedure and make payment of N1,000.00 (excluding bank and access charges to an online practice test). The screening exercise will be computer-based. The online Practice Test is to enable candidates familiarize themselves with the actual test environment.
* Obtain an e-Tranzact receipt showing an access code from the bank teller confirming the payment.
* Login with your UTME Registration Number and the Access code on the payment slip after payment and upload your recent (not more than six months) full-faced passport photograph.
* Click on Submit button and print Photo-card.
5th September – 10th September, 2011 - Screening Exercise

Detailed Registration Procedure for UNIPORT Post UTME Screening 2011/2012 will be available on this website from Wednesday, 17th August 2011.

Candidates are required to come with the following:
* A clear copy of Photo-card printed online.
* HB pencil, eraser, biro-pen, and non-programmable calculator.

* Candidates’ names on their 0’Level certificates and JAMB results must be same with what is filled on the Post UTME form.
* Mobile phones, walkman, ipod, ipad and similar gadgets are not allowed into the screening venue.
* Candidates must apply within the Registration period as the link for the Application Form will be disabled at mid-night on 31st August, 2011.
* Candidates must report to Screening Venues by 7.00am.
* Parents and guardians as well as uninvited security agents will not be allowed into the Campus on the days of the screening exercise.
* For technical support during the registration, send an email to e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call any of the following numbers: 08102450544, 08102450557, 08102450455, 08152665020, 08152665021, 07084152649, 08093402493, 08092092606, 08092092607, 08092092608.

delsu post ume for 2011-2012 is out

Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU), as first and/or second choice in the 2011, Direct Entry and Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and scored 180 and above that they are invited to the University’s screening exercises,

UTME exam is at September 7, 8, 9 and Direct Entry Sept 10.

1)     Candidates are required to visit  to generate an applicant virtual pin of N1,000.00 (one thousand naira) only and make payment to any of the following banks:
Unity Bank
Oceanic Bank
Zenith Bank

(i)           Visit
(ii)          Click online registration
(iii)        Click Start
(iv)        Click Post-UTME or Post-Direct entry
(v)          Click Start
(vi)        Complete the form with valid JAMB Registration Number
(vii)       Submit the form and generate pin
(viii)     Print out the pin generated
(ix)        Visit the specified bank for payment

2)       (a)  Candidates should, with the pin for payment access and complete the Delta State University, Abraka, 2011 POST UTME Screening form online at with their recent coloured passport size photograph scanned to the JPEG format and not more than 20kb in size.

(b)        Candidates are advised to use virtual pin immediately after payment.  As the pin will be invalid after six (6) hours of generation.

(c)        Candidates are advised to read the instructions on the front page of the website before completing the form.

(d)        Candidates must confirm the JAMB registration number at the point of application, as there will be no result for wrong JAMB registration numbers.  The University will not be held responsible for wrong JAMB registration number entered by applicant at the point of application.

(e)        Candidates are required to come to the screening venue with the following:

                                 i.         A copy of the Print-out of completed on-line confirmation of application.
                                ii.         UTME Result Slip
                              iii.         Two recent passport-size colour photographs with the full names of candidates and signature on the reversed side of the photograph.
                               iv.         Four Figure table (where applicable)
                                v.         Biro, 2B or 4B Pencil and Eraser

3)     On-line application will start on Monday, August 15, 2011.

4)     Application website closes by 6.00 p.m., Friday, September 2, 2011.

(a)                     Candidates are to log in ONLY the courses they choose from Delta State University, Abraka in UTME
(b)                     GSM Phones are NOT allowed
(c)                     Parents, Guardians and well wishers will not be allowed to stay around the venue of the screening exercise.
(d)                     Any person caught impersonating will be handed over to the Police and the candidates impersonated will automatically be disqualified.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

aau post ume form for 2011/2012 is out


All 2011/2012 UTME candidates who applied to Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma as Institution of First Choice, with a UTME score of 180 and above are invited to attend a screening exercise in the University on the days and venues indicated below.

Screening Time-Table:

The screening exercise for the various Faculties is scheduled to take place on the following dates at 9.00 am each day.

1 Thursday, 1st September 2011 Faculty of Management Sciences, Social Sciences, and Law Main Campus
2 Friday, 2nd September 2011 College of Medicine, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Environmental Studies, Engineering and Technology Agriculture, Education and Arts Main Campus

Candidates are expected to report at the venues of screening at 7.30 am prompt.

Subject for Screening: Candidates will be screened in subjects relating to their 1st Choice course of study in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

Method of Application:

Applicants are required to purchase an eTranzact PIN (Payment Voucher) for Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma P-UTME on-line application form at a fee of Two thousand Naira (N2,000.00) only from any of the underlisted Banks.

1. Eco Bank Plc
2. Union Bank Plc
3. Zenith Bank Plc
4. Intercontinental Bank Plc
5. Fidelity Bank Plc
6. Fin Bank Plc
7. Oceanic Bank Plc
8. First Bank Plc
9. UBA Plc

Procedure for Online Application

On purchase of the eTranzact PIN (Payment Voucher), all candidates are to visit the Ambrose Alli University college portal @ to complete and submit the post UTME online application form. All such candidates Must upload their coloured passport photograph and scanned copies of all relevant certificates/documents to the portal.

Candidates should preview and confirm that the passport photograph is properly uploaded as no complaint of wrong or blank picture will be entertained after submission of forms. Candidates are to print out a copy of the application form with their passport photograph for presentation along with other documents on the screening dates stated above.

All candidates are to come to the venue of the screening exercise with the following:
1. UTME e-registration slip and UTME result slip.
2. Two coloured passport photographs.
3. HB pencil, eraser and biro.
4. A print-out of the duly completed Post-UTME Online Application form.
5. A copy of O’ Level Result(s), if available.

Direct Entry:

All Direct Entry Candidates who applied to JAMB for admission and chose Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma as Institution of First Choice are also required to complete the online application form for their screening exercise. All such candidates must upload scanned copies of all relevant certificates/documents to the portal. The manual screening exercise for Direct Entry (DE) candidates is scheduled to place from Tuesday, 13th September, to Friday, 16th September, 2011 from 9.00 am each day.

All Direct Entry candidates should also obtain the eTranzact PIN (payment Voucher) for Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma at a fee of Two thousand Naira (N2,000.00) only from any of the designated Banks and follow the procedure for online application as stated above.

NOTE: All candidates (both UTME and Direct Entry) are to note that;

(i) Technology fee and bank charges, which the University cannot control, will be charged at the point of purchase of the eTranzact PIN (Payment Voucher).
(ii) There would be no admission into the Department of Medicine and Surgery for the 2011/2012 session.
(iii) In view of (ii) above, Candidates who had earlier applied for Medicine and Surgery should indicate their most preferred alternative choice of course on the Post-UTME online application form.
(iv) All names should be written in full when completing the online application form as no initials shall be entertained.

Duration of Application

The application forms for UTME and Direct Entry (DE) will be available online for completion and submission from Monday 8th August, 2011 to Friday 26th 2011.

ADVICE: Candidates should check the University Portal for further details from time to time.

(a) Any candidate who fails to appear for the screening exercise automatically forfeits his/her eligibility for consideration in the current session’s admission exercise.
(b) Anyone caught impersonating will be handed over to the Police and the candidate so impersonated will be automatically ‘disqualified’.
(c) All communication gadgets/telephone handsets are strictly prohibited as invigilators are mandated to confiscate any of such items and penalize erring candidate(s).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

WAEC Result 2011 may-june released

The West African Examinations Council, WAEC has released results of the 2011 May/June Senior School Certificate Examination in Nigeria. Candidates who sat for the WAEC SSCE May/June examination will be able to check their result at the WAEC Direct website. A break down of the result shows that 51.71% (789,288) of the 1,540,250 candidates who sat for the WAEC SSCE examination got five credits and above. However only 30.70% (472,906) got five credits including English and Mathematics. To check your WAEC May/June 2011 result online, visit the WAEC Direct website at At WAEC Direct you will find instruction on checking WAEC GCE May/June 2011 result with the WAEC result checker. Here is the breakdown of WAEC May/June 2011 result for Nigeria: Total Candidates that sat for WAEC SSCE 2011: 1,540,250 Total WAEC results fully processed: 1,460,003 (94.79%) WAEC results with issues or not fully processed: 80,247 (5.21%) Candidates with 5 credits or more: 789,288 (51.71%) Candidates with 5 credits or more including English & Maths: 472,906 (30.70%) Number of results withheld by WAEC: 81,573 (5.29%) Checking your WAEC GCE result There are three options of checking WAEC results: View and print results at the WAEC Direct portal Receive WAEC results via SMS on your mobile phone Send a copy to your email address

The Benue State University (BSU) post ume on 15th of August,2011.

The Benue State University invites application from suitably qualified candidate to sit for her post utme scheduled to hold on 15th of August,2011. Application Procedure 1.Applicants are to pay the sum of N 2,500.00 at the selected banks: First Bank Plc, Union Bank Plc, Fidelity Bank Plc, Zenith Bank Plc, AfriBank Plc, UBA Plc, Oceanic Bank Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Eco Bank Plc, and collect payment reciept. 2.The applicant will the enter his/her JAMB number in the box provided by the left and complete his/her Bio data. (NB. They do not need any pin to login) 3.After completing Bio data, they will print the acknowledgement slip and take it to their respective faculties for verification and signing. 4.The date for Aptitude test will be 15th August 2011. 5.After the aptitude test, candidates will login through this Post UTME menu to view their aptitude test scores. For more information on the application to Benue state University 2011/2012 post utme, pls visit Read more:

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